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June 29, 2007


Brian b

Wow...nice image made even stronger by the words...funny how as we grow older we have to stop and ask 'what happened to me'...


This is a very strong image. Dare I say poetic?


Nice image, and enjoyed your words.

I'm not sure yet, either. ;-)

Tina Vaziri

Lovely lines!


I like the abstract quality of this image.


I LOVE this!


I am with that other commenter- dare I say, this post and your image are poetic?

I want to share with you a stanza in one of my favourite poems because it relates a little to what you wrote here. The entire poem is long,but this is just one chunk of it:

"Nevertheless it is with our poems
that we must visit ourselves, who are
neither here

nor there. And those never astonished by their own humanity, smack
in the arid middle"


So what's wrong with high school? I thought that was one of the better periods of my life, actually - and I did indeed write a lot of poetry then....


I absolutely LOVE this painting, do you sell them? I would love to have this painting you call "Twist"!

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